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Scott Arciszewski

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Why Transgender People Using Public Restrooms is a Total Non-Issue

March 30, 2017 4:56 PM • Opinion, Politics

Most, if not all, transgender people are nothing like Silence of the Lambs, and treating them like they're crazy, creepy, or dangerous is both stupid and unethical. That's exactly what much of the rhetoric surrounding these public restroom bills does. They're not a significant threat to the safety of your children and most of the people worrying about the genitals of complete strangers should really get a new hobby.

There is a problem worth solving here, but it's not a civil rights problem, it's a civil engineering problem.

Multi-Occupant Restrooms are Objectively Terrible

Proponents of these discriminatory bills are coming from a position of fear: Strangers are in the same public restroom facilities as their children! These strangers are particularly strange to me, therefore they're more dangerous!

My proposal is this: No more multi-occupant restrooms. Instead, use the space to provide several single-occupant restrooms. (Not stalls, separate rooms.)

Furthermore, remove any gender designations since each restroom will only accommodate one human being.

This solves several problems at once:

  1. It alleviates the fear of strangers having perceived access to your children: They're in separate rooms now.
  2. It clears up any ambiguity over which restroom a transgender person is more appropriate using: ANY OF THEM, GENDER IS IRRELEVANT NOW.
  3. It manages to solve both problems without codifying abusive and/or discriminatory practices in the state statutes.

I don't know why more people don't see this obvious solution. Now that I've laid it out for you, be sure to share this page with anyone who thinks the existing political thought around this topic is just fine.

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